Reader / Audience Comments

Presentation: “I want to extend abundant thanks for the wonderful presentation on your book, Yorkville Twins:  Growing up in New York City, 1944-1962. There were 19 people in attendance.I thought the participants really enjoyed your stories and childhood experiences, and shared some of their own. Your time and expertise to present is very much appreciated.”Janell W., 2nd Half with Lyngblomsten

Presentation: “So very interesting. Thank you.”LaNetta V., St. Michael, MN

Presentation: “What a wonderful afternoon spending it with you two. I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Thank you gentlemen.”Nancy L., Greenfield, MN

Presentation: “Your presentation was one of the better ones that we’ve hadright on target. I heard only positive comments. Both of you had interesting and humorous stories to share. God bless your work.”Val P., New Hope, MN

Presentation: “We very much enjoyed your visit. We had many fine comments from our residents.” Ann W., Minneapolis, MN

Presentation: “Great Presentation! Our residents loved it!” Brad R., Richfield, MN

Reader: “Thank you so much. I know I’ll read it again and again. It’s funny and reminiscent of a simpler time. Those were the innocent days. I’m sorry they’re gone.” Marti M, Baltimore, MD

Presentation: “This was a very interesting presentation. It was nice to learn about your past experiences. You are very entertaining and kept the presentation fun.” Tara G., Maplewood, MN

Reader: “I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It was full of antics, stories of relatives, and growing up in a big city. These fellows did their immigrant parents proud!” Anne T., TX

Reader: “The joy of many pictures [in the book] plus the story itself make it a great read. Keep up the great work–so enjoyable!!” Bonnie R., Bloomington, MN

Presentation:The Yorkville twins put on a wonderful presentation! The residents were laughing throughout the presentation and left wanting more. I would recommend the Yorkville twins at any facility. They were knowledgeable, funny and great to work with!” Emily R., Savage, MN

Presentation: “A fun and informative presentation. Thanks for entertaining us and making us laugh.” John H., Wayzata, MN

Presentation: “Delightful, interesting speakers.” Sharon H., Wayzata, MN

Presentation: “As a child of the 40s, 50s, and 60s, I found this presentation terrific!” George M., Wayzata, MN

Presentation: “It was so interesting to hear about your growing up years! You are very entertaining. Thank you so much. Your book is excellent.” Elaine H., Wayzata, MN

Presentation: “Excellent presentation from both twins. Loved the humor. Loved the appreciation of America’s immigrants and how they prospered from hard work and principles of our founding fathers. All public and private schools should have a copy.” Dorothy A., St. Paul, MN

Presentation: “Great stories. Very nostalgic. Funny, interesting and engaging.” Jackie B., Delano, MN

Presentation: “Awesome! Your multi-media presentation at our Community Center was great, very interesting and educational–and very funny. We enjoyed it very much!” Muriel Z. Buffalo, MN

Presentation: “Our residents enjoyed the reminiscing and one resident stated, ‘They’re telling my story.’ It was a fun, fact filled hour. Thanks!”  Eileen P., Plymouth, MN

Presentation: “Thank you for a delightful morning with your presentation about “Yorkville Twins” (A Time to RememberLooking Back to Yesteryear). It was not only humorous but very informative and mind jogging to our own childhoods. Everyone in our group had a wonderful time listening to you guys. Thanks!” Sally S., Robbinsdale, MN

Reader: We were at Kolacky Days in Montgomery, Minnesota for their two-day Czech Festival. An 11-year old girl who was going into the seventh grade in September came with her mother on Saturday. They bought the book. The next day the girl and her mother came back with the book, and the girl said, “I read your whole book. I loved it and laughed so much that I couldn’t put it down.”  Sarah L., Lakeville, MN  [Thank you, Sarah!]

Reader: “This funny tender memoir recaptures the essence of mid-century NYC childhood beautifully.
… a terrific memoir … a good read … a wonderful book.” Thomas P., New York City

Reader: “I just finished reading your book and I enjoyed it very much. A great read.” John C., Queens, NY

Reader: “This fine memoir by the Gindele twins accurately defines street life in my NYC neighborhood. It gives me great pleasure to connect our lives. Their world from the mid 40s through the mid 60s, is my street life, ten years later. As the author of I Hate the Dallas Cowboys – tales of a scrappy New York boyhood, I assure you, Joe and John reanimate our working class neighborhood to the tee – from the ghost of the long gone subway El on Third Avenue to the river front facing the east sunrise. Our linked pasts trigger wonderful memories for me of my first 18 years, as they will for you. My grandmother, Ann Pryor Rode aka Anna Cuccia from 1403 Avenue A, ‘The First Lady of Yorkville,’ an elected official for fifty years in the neighborhood would give this book five stars.” Tommy P., New York, NY

Reader: “The stories were great, I laughed and cried.” Debbie L., Levittown, NY

Reader: “Joe and John … are the Princes of Shenanigans.” Peggy K, Austin, MN

Reader: “Everything flows with moments of hardtimes, sadness, pride, joy, accomplishments, love, and laughter.” Darleen, Chester, MA

Reader: “I loved the humor, the writing style, and the inclusion of so many pictures.” Marilyn C., East Chatham, NY

Reader: “This was a wonderful book for a walk down memory lane in Yorkville. I grew up in Yorkville in the mid-50’s and attended Wagner Jr. High and Commerce H.S., graduating the same year as Joe and John, so many of their memories are also mine. But whether or not you grew up then, it’s an enjoyable and funny read.” Frank P., Georgetown, TX

Reader: “I grew up in Yorkville during that very same time and this book brought back many wonderful memories. For me, a very hard book to put down. It was factual and the pictures were amazing to see.” Loretta D., New York, NY

Reader: “The book should have been titled, ‘The Yorkville TwinsPrinces of Shenanigans!’ The book moves at a fast clip like the staccato shots from a B-B gun. It’s a series of quick sketches of real life happenings. Many of those who wrote reviews also grew up in Yorkville. I did not, and therefore have trouble identifying with that lifestyle, but John and Joe make it real for me. It is no surprise that Mercy College has made this required reading as its such an interesting , endearing …. and fun ….. history lesson of New York past. The book is, as well, about tough, but true and fair love as the twins’ parents wanted nothing more than a better life for their children. Joe and John did not disappoint them either, both rising to the heights of academia. Enjoy this rollicking read that will make you want to know the brothers; to have them for new best friends.” Peggy K., Austin, MN

Reader: “An engrossing book of the life and times of two twin brothers growing up in Yorkville in the 1940s and 50s.” Anthony L., Whitestone, NY (author of “Origins and History of the Village of Yorkville in the City of New York”: Second Edition 2014)

Reader: “I have just finished reading your book and could not put it down. Well written and a great read. … Like you, I have many stories of my youth in Yorkville, and fond memories of same.” Nathan J., Selden, NY

Reader: “Delinda and I had the pleasure of sharing lunch with you one day on the Ruby Princess this October. I have just finished your book and would like to thank you for writing it. We were interested to see that even growing up on the other side of the country in Washington State we shared most of the same values and ideals. Our parents were not first generation immigrants but they taught us the same moral values. Thanks again for the walk through memory lane.” Loren M., Seattle, WA

Reader: “I’ve read and enjoyed your book very much. It brought back so many memories of growing up. Just great memories. Thanks for writing a wonderful book about our neighborhood.” Frank P., Georgetown, TX

Reader: “You are both to be commended for having the hutzpa to put your experiences on paper. I have long believed that there is a great novel to be written about our beloved Yorkville. There are so many stories of success and failure yet to be written.” Frank M., New York, NY

Reader: “I really enjoyed reading your book and I’m passing these [two additional copies purchased] onto other family members at a family reunion [in Colorado].” Arlene S., Roberts, WI

Reader: “A wonderful read, by two of the most delightful men you will ever meet in the midwest or beyond.”  Indie House Press

Reader: “I am in the middle of your book and enjoying it—a fascinating glimpse into New York life!”         Claudia K., Crystal, MN

Reader: “What a great read! The Yorkville Twins allows us to see what life was like in the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. It  is full of stories, lessons learned, and laughter. John and Joe help us take truths they have learned and make us want to apply them to our lives. We laughed and remembered a simpler life. This book will remain in our memories for a long time! Be sure and not miss this delightful book.”  Marv and Sue J., Maple Grove, MN

Reader: “From Joe’s memories of Mrs. Novacek’s ‘relieving’ behavior to friend Freddy’s interesting diet, to John’s rendition of creative disassembling of household objects to ‘see how they work’ and their varied outcomes, Yorkville Twins  is a heartfelt, touching yet humorous depiction of an immigrant family and the early years of kind, generous, successful and societal contributing twin brothers that could occur only in America.  A must read. Priceless!”  Tania P., Minneapolis, MN

Reader: “The book is wonderful, brings back so many memories and gives cause to laugh out loud. Thank you for sharing your memories and rekindling mine.”  Barbara S., Ramsey, NJ

Reader: “Hi, Joe and John. It is no surprise that your book is gaining popularity—I was able to read the first half and it is delightful—funny, heartwarming, and full of admiration for the immigrants of our country. It made me nostalgic for my old Grandma, with her thick accent and odd habits.”  Krista M., Interlochen, MI

Reader: “Love the book, Joe and John. Had me laughing to the point of wetting myself!!!”  Hazel G., Wanganui, New Zealand

Reader: “Reading Joe and John Gindele’s recollection of their childhood in Yorkville Twins was a joy! In many ways, it allowed me to be transported back to the 40’s as I revisited my old neighborhood. Yes…kick the can, sword fights, rubber guns, fudgesicles and Jack Armstrong reappeared, together with the faces of all my boyhood friends. I was amused and reassured that growing up on the streets of Yorkville, New York City, was not much different from growing up in the alleys of Uptown, Minneapolis! The fondness with which the Gindele twins related their stories makes me certain that they would never want to change a thing…nor would I!”  Dick M., Minneapolis, MN

Reader: “I am presently reading the book by Joe and John Gindele, Yorkville Twins. I cannot express how much I am enjoying this rendition of those wondrous times in our beloved Yorkville. Reading it swings me back to a time that years have almost dimmed. But each detail that the guys have outlined in the book brings a smile to my face and a memory emerges so visual that I once again feel like the girl who was running through John Jay Park, playing basketball at the East Side House and roller skating down the wide steps at Carl Schurz Park by the fountain. We enjoyed a childhood that was unique . . . . Thanks, Joe and John, you’ve made an old lady very happy. Memories . . . without them, we’d be empty.

I am so thoroughly enjoying my book!!! This book is AWESOME!!! Reading it once will not be enough. I am so proud to be part of Yorkville’s history and to be someone who lived in the time when the area was in its heyday! None of us knew we were living the jewel of a lifetime, we just knew we laughed a lot, loved a lot and were most of all respectful, good kids and families. Thank you again for taking the time to pass your stories and history on to us, so we may relive the ‘good times.’ My husband gets a kick out of me constantly smiling as I read each line of the book. He’s from Brooklyn. Oh well, not everyone can have it all.”  Mary Ann F., Tarpon Springs, FL

Reader: A professor adopted our book as required reading for “Critical Inquiry: The Immigration Experience in New York City” college classes for Fall and Winter Semesters, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. The professor has twin 12-year old daughters, and said, “Last week they were fighting over your book, so I will have to buy two more of them. They have an assignment at school to read an autobiography, so they snatched my book that I teach out of. I told them I need it to teach out of it. They sure like your stories, and they sure love New York City life.” The professor described the book as “very impressive,” and further stated, “I like using your book to help them [the college students] apply their knowledge to the outside world.”  [Fall and Winter Semesters, the professor is requiring junior-level students read Yorkville Twins in “Critical Inquiry: The Immigration Experience in New York City,” and “History of the Hudson” college classes.]  ref: Susan O., New York, NY [P.S.: the authors sent two complimentary copies of the book to the twin girls, so they wouldn’t fight with their mother over her one copy that she teaches from.]

Reader: “First, I want to congratulate you both on your book. What a wonderful collection of memoirs!! I wish I had something like this from my family. I feel I know so little about my grandparents. I tremendously enjoyed reading it.”  Carrie G., Big Lake, MN

Reader: “Help! I can’t get the book out of my husband’s hands.”  Patricia P., New York, NY

Reader: “It really is a good book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.”  Father Ron R., Huntington, IN

Reader: “Felt we never left New York. Makes us want to be there again. Brought back so many good memories. We are having so much fun with your book. Funniest—so emotional.” Charles P., Mason City, IA

Reader: “Just a note to thank you for the book. I can’t tell you how pleased I am that you wrote such a thorough and precise description of the neighborhood you grew up in. It will be an immeasurable help to historians who are trying to understand what life was like in New York that is long gone. You have my congratulations and thanks.”  Peter D., New York, NY [New York Times contributing writer.]

Reader: “Thanks, Joe. I just finished your book this afternoon and enjoyed every page. You and John have created a delightful memory of your life. Thank you for writing this wonderful book.”  Diane M., Minneapolis, MN

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