“This funny tender memoir recaptures the essence of a mid-century NYC childhood beautifully.” “A terrific memoir … a good read … a wonderful book.” Thomas R. Pryor, author of I Hate the Dallas Cowboys—tales of a scrappy New York boyhood  [Endorsement on Front Cover of our book. Pryor is a Yorkville memoirist, NY Times contributing writer, a native and current resident of Yorkville. Ten years younger than the twins, he writes about growing up in Yorkville the 1960s. The twins write about growing up in Yorkville in the 1950s. Both books complement each other.]

“This book should have been titled, The Yorkville TwinsPrinces of Shenanigans! The book moves at a fast clip like the staccato shots from a B-B gun. It is a series of quick sketches of real life happenings. It’s such an interesting and endearing . . . and fun . . . history lesson of New York past. Enjoy this rollicking read.” Peggy Keener, author of Potato in a Rice Bowl and Wondahful Mammaries

“Good, really good. I laughed out loud, which I normally don’t do. A treasure—history will be lost without works like this.

Yorkville Twins is a celebration of life and cherished memories captured by the story of twin brothers born to immigrant parents. It is a labor of love and provides a legacy that would make their parents proud.”  Loretta Rohwer, M.S., English teacher

“I loved your book. It is heart-warming and inspiring—a tribute to your dedication and commitment. The twins have had an interesting life growing up with good family, good values, and hard work.” Raymond W. Scallen, M.D. (twin, married to a twin)

“Everyone comes from a different background and has events that shape their character. To be able to share that background with a sibling—no, even better, a twin—is something only a few have. Joe and John bring you into their world in a way that mixes New York moxie with Midwest enthusiasm.” Samuel H. Leon, M.D. (twin)

“Joe and John have captured the true essence of life of an immigrant family, and it’s such an enduring collection of experiences of what this country was built on. Their humorous recollections were refreshing and sparked so many memories of the stories my grandparents used to share. Their detailed descriptions within these stories allowed me to get lost in a period of this country when life was simpler. My father’s side of the family is Czech and I could really relate to some of these stories.

The authors’ special relationship as twins is very evident in these experiences. It is intertwined with the fabric of their stories, and is one that can only be shared by twins. This book was a thoroughly enjoyable read.” Andrew M. Miller, executive director, Twins Days Festival/Twins Days, Inc. (twin, married to a twin)

“If you are old enough and remember Sergeant Preston of the Yukon, then get set for a blast from your past. Joe and John Gindele will take you through dozens of moments you only thought you’d forgotten. For the younger who never watched Amos ’n Andy, enjoy a unique lesson in American history. Imagine yourself to be twelve and growing up in the world’s largest city. Hold your breath.” Jim Olson, author of Boomer

“Joe and John Gindele have succeeded in capturing rich moments from mid-20th century Manhattan. What’s more, they have had fun writing about their memories and it shows. Gifted with exquisite recall, the authors take us readers back to Yorkville with them and we are the richer for it.”   Connie Claire Szarke, author of Delicate Armor

“I grew up in that Manhattan neighborhood known as Yorkville around the same time as Joe and John. In fact, we lived just a few blocks apart. I was mildly acquainted with a couple of kids from their block. I didn’t know Joe and John, but that was typical of the neighborhood. It was simply teeming with kids, and each block was a mini-neighborhood that you ventured into at your own risk.

Growing up in Yorkville during the 40s, 50s and 60s was an unforgettable experience. As I read Yorkville Twins I was suddenly transported back in time to my early years. Joe and John have done a remarkable job in describing their childhood experiences in Yorkville. The stories are so realistic that I was overwhelmed by the rush of fond memories they brought to mind. There I was, back in old Yorkville again and doing the things I used to do. I was with those crazy, wonderful kids and my family once more.

Another aspect of the book that is so interesting is the fact that Joe and John are twins and the reader gets to understand how that impacts their life. I found it particularly illuminating since my very special friend, Rose, is a twin.

Yorkville Twins is a wonderful book that I found hard to put down.” Kevin N. Boland, author of One Day as I Stood Lonely: Yorkville (A Memoir)

“Joe and John are survivors! They think and work outside of the box. In doing so, they succeeded and lived the American dream with passion and competitiveness. Their book is refreshing, engaging, and informative, full of exciting relationships, hilarious and entertaining (yet also tragic and sobering—even a little naughty). It’s highly energized and loaded with hundreds of insightful and inspiring anecdotes. Their fascinating journey teaches us what it was like to be a twin with psychic experiences, growing up with immigrant parents in a family of seven over a half-century ago, in the greatest city on earth. A captivating book with rich annotated resources. Hollywood should make a movie about their lives. Grab hold of your seat and hang on tightly. Here comes trouble!” —Richard Maus, author of Lucky One: Making it Past Polio and Despair

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