Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Preface: The Yorkville We Knew
Poem: The Twins

Part I The Early Years
Chapter 1 The Cheesecake Phenomenon (Our Family)
Chapter 2 Sasha, Where Are Your Shoes? (Relatives, Friends and Neighbors)
Chapter 3 Free Toaster, Anyone? (Growing Up in New York City)
Chapter 4 The Constipation of Mr. Kovo (Yorkville)
Chapter 5 “Going Down” (Amusements and Entertainment)

Part II The Learning Years
Chapter 6 No Reservations (K-12 Public Schools)
Chapter 7 Got a Quarter, Mista? (Part-Time Work)
Chapter 8 Outhouse: Family Bonding Time (Vacation Days/Special Days—Playtime)

Part III Bonus Section
Chapter 9 Ya Sure, You Betcha! (Undergraduate School, 1962-1967/68)
Chapter 10 It’s a Twin Thing (Twinning)

     Appendix A:
Relatives, Friends, and Neighbors
     Appendix B:
Radio and TV Shows, Movies, Actors, and Actresses That Our Family Enjoyed
     Appendix C:
Annotated Resources
          1. Internet Search Terms and Websites
          2. Organizations
          3. References

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