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“Joe and John Gindele are two of the most interesting blokes you are likely to meet. Yorkville Twins recounts their memories of what gave rise to that uniqueness. Their stories… tackle much larger topics, too, such as ‘What is it to be an American?’ At this time when aspects of immigration are bothersome to many, Yorkville Twins reminds us how vital and important that experience has been to the growth of our nation.”  —Jim Olson, author


Hold Your Breath… Here Comes Trouble!

Twins Joe and John grew up in a tenement flat in Yorkville on Manhattan’s ethnic Upper East Side in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. They later taught grades K-University for a combined 64 years. In their award-winning book, Yorkville Twins, you’ll enjoy:

•  Hundreds of anecdotesfull of humor, wisdom and frank talk (entertaining, inspiring, nostalgic, at times tragic) told by first generation Americans about a Czech and German family of seven, surviving, living the American dream, and recounting the historical, social and cultural conditions of daily life in a 1950s working-class neighborhood

Tales of the special bonds shared by twins, including predictive abilities

Plus 100+ photos, richly annotated resources, and a glossary that will help you fully explore the colorful neighborhood that was the Yorkville of yore

Drs. John and Joseph Gindele, authors


“This funny tender memoir recaptures the essence of a mid-century NYC childhood beautifully.”
“… a terrific memoir … a good read … a wonderful book.”—Thomas R. Pryor, Yorkville author of “I Hate the Dallas Cowboys—tales of a scrappy New York boyhood.”

“Good, really good. I laughed out loud, which I normally don’t do. A treasure–history will be lost without works like this.”—Loretta Rohwer, teacher

“The book should have been titled, The Yorkville Twins—Princes of Shenanigans!”—Peggy Keener, author of “Potato in a Rice Bowl.”

“A wonderful book that I found hard to put down.”—Kevin N. Boland, Yorkville author of “One Day I Stood Lonely: Yorkville.”

“The true essence of life in an immigrant family.”—Andrew M. Miller, executive director, Twins Days Festival

Foreword by Anthony C. Lofaso, Yorkville author of “Origins and History of the  Village of Yorkville in the City of New York,” Second Edition 2014.
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