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Suggested Book Club Discussion Questions for Yorkville Twins (short version)

1. Discuss some of the differences between growing up in the 1950s versus the present.

2. Discuss John and Joe’s childhood experience versus your own. How were they similar or different?

3. How would you describe the twins’ personality? In what ways were they similar or different from each other?

4. If you were John and Joe’s parents or teachers, would you try to separate them? If so, why? Where? When? How?

5. What special bonds do John and Joe have? Is this good or bad for them? Why? Would you like to have psychic experiences?

6. Do your family or friends have or know of twins? What special challenges are placed on caregivers of twins?

7. Do you identify personally with any characters in the book? Which one(s)? How?

8. What are some of the sensory details that stand out for you? Smells, sounds, visual, touch, taste. Any notions of a sixth sense?

9. What special challenges did these immigrants face?

10. Identify historical, political, and community references which help to anchor this story time?

11. Which parts of the book most interested you? Surprised you? Which parts would you have wanted more information on?

12. What does it mean to be an American?

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