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“We are pleased to announce that Yorkville Twins was a FINALIST in the pres- tigious 23rd annual Midwest Book Awards, finishing 2nd (first runner-up) in the Social Science category, competing with over 300 books by authors from 12 Midwestern states.”

Learn about the historical, social, and cultural conditions of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, and have a blast doing it! 

“Yorkville Twins: Hilarious Adventures Growing Up In New York City, 1944-1962″ [Memories of Growing Up—A Memoir]

Yorkville Twins: Hilarious Adventures Growing Up in New York City, 1944-1962By Joseph and John Gindele

328 pages, 6×9
ISBN: 978-0-9839337-5-5

Take a unique historical trip down memory lane in the 1950s with a humorous and endearing collection of stories involving immigrants, survival, growing up, coming of age, and learning what it is to be an American. More than a memoir, it’s an experience—a love story of family, friends, neighbors, and neighborhood.

Twin brothers Joseph and John Gindele grew up on the rough streets of Yorkville on Manhattan’s ethnic Upper East Side over 60 years ago. This is their story—what the city was like then, how it changed, and how two kids from immigrant parents became accomplished Minnesota schoolteachers with earned doctorate degrees. It’s an American tale full of adventures and laughs, sweet memories and sad moments. How did their immigrant Czech and German parents and siblings—a family of seven—ever survive living with twins who share special bonds and predictive abilities?

Share the twins’ rich memories and outlandish adventures growing up.
Explore those special bonds and predictive abilities many twins and multiples have.
Find out
how they survived by thinking and working out of the box.
what it means to be an American.
Learn about
the colorful Yorkville of yore.

Join the Gindele twins on their journey and (1) Rediscover your childhood memories—memories you only thought you had forgotten, (2) Live the immigrant experience in America, and (3) Have fun doing it.

Grab hold of your seat and get ready for a real hoot! Here comes trouble!

NEW: 2012-2013, 2013-2014, and 2014-2015: Yorkville Twins has been adopted as required reading for students in New York City (Mercy College) freshmen and junior-level “Critical Inquiry” seminar classes:  “The Immigration Experience in New York City” and “History of the Hudson,” respectively.

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